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Order products presented in the electronic catalog of this website is subject to acceptance by the buyer, and is worth acceptance without reservation by the latter, the General conditions of sale (t & c) set out below in full. These terms apply to the buyer without regard to specific clauses added by him - except by express agreement with the seller - and without regard for the advertising documents issued by the owner of the WEB site. The acceptance of the buyer is materialized by electronic signature, concretized by the "click of validation". This electronic signature handwritten signature value between the parties. This approach is equivalent for the buyer to recognize he has fully read and approved all of the following conditions. Except in cases restrictively provided for by these terms, the purchase order electronically signed by the buyer, through the "click of validation", worth final order, and cannot be retracted. In these conditions, we invite customers who have signed on the electronic catalog sales remotely read carefully the General conditions of sale below, before proceeding to any effective order of products appearing on this catalog. Orders placed on the server and by purchase order engage the customer on receipt by our customer service of the order and its regulations. In the event of payment against refund, orders placed on the server by order engage the customer on receipt by our customer service of the order.


Article 1: object

The present General Conditions of sale (terms) are intended to clarify the rights and obligations of the purchaser in respect of the products sold in our electronic catalogue, as part of a sales system remotely. The contract in case of order effectiveve in the framework and under the conditions referred to in these terms, is the regulation of distance selling, as it results including the Code beyond consumption, as well as specific provisions below.


Contact information for the owner according to your order

 Article 3: Essential characteristics of the goods and SERVICES

The products offered in the electronic catalog and whose distance selling is governed by the present General Conditions of sale have the following essential features:

 Products concerned: the denomination, packaging, quantity as well that the characteristics are specified for each product in the electronic catalog. All of these elements is used again during the order placed by the buyer. Photos of the presentation of the products offered in the electronic catalogue are not contractual and cannot engage the responsibility of the seller to the buyer.

 geographical area of delivery: the offer referred to in these terms is limited to the same area.

 Availability of good oudu service: products in the electronic catalogue and whose distance selling is governed by the GTC are available as long as the product concerned appears on the electronic catalogue, until out of stock of the manufacturer.

 Article 4: Duration of the offer

Product offerings contained in the electronic catalog, governed by the GTC are valid for all products contained in this catalogue as long as it remains online or until the stock.


Article 5: prices

The price is indicated for each product in the electronic catalog. The price is without VAT and without recycling (for Switzerland) tax. Taxes are set at the date of the invoice in the conditions referred to in article 6 below. The price guaranteed to the buyer is the one appearing on the electronic cataloguepicnic or on the written at the time of the purchase offer, which is materialized by the acceptance of the offer by the buyer in the conditions referred to in article 6 below. The price must at least be paid in full ala delivery. Vendor reserves the right to change prices listed on the catalogue at any time and without notice.

 Article 6: Acceptance of the offer

Acceptance of the offer by the buyer is materialized by the validation, as part of the electronic catalogue, by a "click of validation", or by his signature. All of the information must be supplemented by the buyer: name, first name, delivery address, E-mail. The order placed by the buyer is being a written confirmation by e-mail the seller. This confirmation contains: product name, quantity, price, taxes and terms of delivery. (Except sending by signature of the purchase order)


Article 7: payment

The buyer must pay by one of the means of payment offered on the site the full payment of his order no later than at the delivery of his order. The buyer guarantees the seller, during the validation of the order, that it is in good standing with respect to the issuer of the card payment or cheque. The customer agrees to pay the sale price in effect at the time of its seizure of the command. The order is payable in a lump sum within a period of 5 days, cash on delivery or by credit card, depending on your choice, with the exception of subscriptions, direct material purchase or send against reimbursement.

 Article 8: delivery

(S) product (s) ordered (s) is (are) delivered by a carrier to the address given on the order of the buyer. In case the buyer is absent during the delivery of the ordered product on the electronic catalogue, it is incumbent to get the carrier to arrange a new delivery or collect his command at the depot. In the case of nonconformity of the product delivered compared to the indications contained in the purchase order or damage related to transport the seller noted at time of delivery, are committed yremedier. The delivery time is indicated on the site. The delay is indicative, and the seller cannot be held responsible for any failure to meet this deadline. In particular, the overcoming of this indicative deadline, for reasons of force majeure such as strikes or bad weather preventing delivery, cannot justify a cancellation of the order, no reduction in the price paid by the buyer, and no payment of damages. We pledge to make every effort to deliver the order on the short, and this time upon receipt of the purchase order. The customer takes the provisions on rights and acceptance according to the legal provisions for its installation and code. The delivery times indicated on the purchase order are given as an indication and the possible delays do not give right to the buyer to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods or to claim damages. Any complaint for nonconformity or missing, must be sent within 3 days of the date of receipt of the order by registered mail. A we are released from its obligation to deliver to all fortuitous or force majeure cases. Indicative, total or partial, strikes, floods, fires are cases of force major. The transfer of ownership of the goods delivered or to deliver is suspended until full payment of the price by the customer and without impact on the transfer of risk. We charge a fee for any refusal of delivery or cancellation of order.

 Section 9: Warranty and after sales SERVICE

Also the legal warranty against hidden defects, the defectiveness of the media is guaranteed in the terms defined below. In case the customer throught a defect of the support, it has 5 days from its purchase to make it back to the dealer to benefit from this guarantee, the customer must address at his own expense with support of a warranty attached to the product. To frequency changes, the movement of air by natural forces are not guaranteed. You will be received compensation for all troubleshooting according to the current rate. The special PCMCIA readers without a license, satellite receiver, programmers, are only intended for computer use. Only official updates by the manufacturers are allowed. No information will be provided or guarantee provided in the case of fraudulent use.


Article 10: subscriptions

We offer you a system of digital reception for programs toll (receiver, map, maintenance contract, satellite Internet reception). We are committed to respect the duration of a minimum of one year for subscriptions, except for the renewable subscriptions in 6 months and 3 months. The subscription is automatically renewed from the date of the subscription. There may be renewed according to the subscription fees. Termination of the subscription shall be made by registered letter with notice of 3 months and the removal of the card and/or the decoder within a period of 5 days from the due date. A fee of CHF 50.-to CHF 500. - will be collected in case of delay. A fee of CHF 50. - will be charged for credit card change, loss thereof, search of your new address. You must announce any changes of address and card writing to your dealer. A tax will be perceived if you ignore this warning. For any modification of the initially chosen bouquet you must contact your retailer exclusively events toll such as BOX Offices, modification of subscription can be ordered directly by you. If you ignore this vour card will be blocked immediately and your contract will be cancelled, a fee of CHF 100. - will be collected in addition to the reactivation fee. Changes of subscriptions must be done in writing or e-mail (, with the indication of the number of your membership card. We charge a fee for the cancellation of your order.

In case of request for access to a new programme or bouquet a new card should be ordered and an amount of CHF 200 will be charged.

The phone number to call in case of difficulty of reception (interruption of transmission) or in the case of a message on the screen (please call...) is the 021 657 06 46

Article 10.1

Operators are released from their obligation for the following cases: session of activity of the operators, reception by the antenna support problem, receiver, transmitter frequencies by satellite, changing the encryption system, replacement of cards or decoder. Changing channels or cancellation of the strings may in no case be asking compensation. Erotic channels subscriptions are to trade directly from the channel operator. By my signature, I authorize registration of my membership card as an indication, total or partial, strikes, floods, fires are cases of force major. It can in no way be requested compensation by the customer. Renewal of subscriptions is to settle within 10 days to the invoice date, a surcharge of CHF 50. - you will be charged in case of delay.


Article 11: Personal data

Absence of express opposition on his part, buyer gives its consent to the use of the personal data collected under the terms of its order in the seller's customer file. The buyer has at any time a right of access and rectification.


Article 12: APPLICABLE law

This contract is subject to the Code of Obligations. For judicial : Yverdon (Switzerland) baths


Article 13: Settlement of disputes

In case of dispute, the buyer will address in priority to the seller to agree on a settlement. The fact for the seller to not rely on a breach of any of its obligations to the buyer, governed by these terms, cannot be construed as a waiver to its obligations or to the right for the buyer to rely at a later stage of this breach. By the signature of the present, by check, by the click of validation, you agree to all of the terms